Exclusive Group Cooking Classes

Experience cooking at the highest level with your very own Private Chef

Example Cooking Class Experience's

Example Cooking Classes

Taste of Thailand

Take a journey to this magical country of unbelievable cuisine. Master 3 classic Thai dishes and add them to your cooking repertoire.

Lobster Fest

Learn how to prepare and cook lobster perfectly. Learn 3 wow dishes with lobster and delight your friends and family.

Bao Buns

Let’s bao to the small yet mighty Bao, these little pillows of yum are a show stopper with your friends and family. 

Let's have fun & cook delicious food together

Let's make Homemade Pasta together

Let's make Homemade Bao's together

Let's make Salted caramel & Bailey's Brownie's together

Let's make Homemade Sourdough together

Let's make Sushi together

Let's make Tortelloni together

Let’s Cook Together!