Chef Paul aka PopUp Chef

After 15 years of working in the Super-yacht industry, chef Paul is now back home, in the city of Sheffield, UK.

It has been his honour and pleasure to have cooked for royalty, presidents, billionaire business tycoons and A-list celebrities.

Now offering online cooking courses, PopUp Chef events and Dine out at-home dinners.

Chef Paul’s passion is bringing people together to enjoy delicious food and create happy cherished memories. 




Thank you, chef. I loved the beetroot salad, boneless chicken wings and beef cigars.

The whole roast Sea Bass was delicious, so good.

Can you come and work for me? 🙂

Lionel Richie

This food was amazing tonight the samosas were to die for, the lamb so tender from the popadoms to dessert delicious
Thank you, Paul, for your hard work
Jean Bradshaw

Paul, the food was top draw. I cannot thank you enough and I will 100% be using you again and will recommend you to all my friends. 

Price was an absolute bargain. Thank you.

Craig Short