Hello, Rebels,

Today I’d like to share with you my PopUp Chef resources for saving money off your food bill. As I spoke about if you can save £76 off your food shopping bill and invest it instead, in 10 years you will have £13,148 at the average 7% annual interest return compounded.

Have you shopped your kitchen before? I do this once every 2 weeks or so to remind me of what I have in my stores/freezer/fridge so I can design my weekly menus and save money. Without a plan, we will end up spending more on shopping than we wish so being prepared will not only save you time, it will save you your hard-earned cash.

  1. Firstly to “shop your kitchen”, Write a list of everything you already have, meat, fish, frozen, fruit, vegetables, store cupboard etc. Then we can use this to design our menus and shopping list. Shop Your Kitchen – Download Here.
  2. Write your top 10 meal planner. Having a list of your top 10 favourite meals will save you time and fatigue in trying to figure out what meals you’d like to cook. By looking at your sheet, you’ll see meals you like that you havent had for a while and can put onto your weekly menu. Top ten meal planner – Download Here.
  3. Design your Weekly Menu, from your kitchen inventory and your top 10 meal planner. If you have any ingredients that are odd or you can not think of any recipes, I recommend going to BBC Good Food and in the search bar, type your ingredient and you will get inspiration for recipes with that ingredient. 🙂 easy. Get your weekly menu planner here. Weekly Menu Planner – Download Here.
  4. From your weekly menu planner, write your shopping list. You’ll be surprised that sometimes when you shop your kitchen first, your shopping list will be quite small. (TIP) Do not add any more onto your list, that’s how you’re going to save and create a GAP for later investing or possibly increasing your emergency fund or paying down expensive debt. Weekly Shopping List – Download Here.

If you would like to join my PopUp Chef Facebook group, for more recipes, please feel free to say hello. I also have in the guides section at PopUp Chef on Facebook, videos on how I use the “shop your kitchen” in action. Join my Facebook group here.

Please let me know how you find the worksheets and if you find them useful. I’m always looking to improve, so feedback is always welcome.

Lots of love, PopUp Chef.

Aka Paul Deehan.