Are you ready for the BBQ season? Try this amazingly simple salad to impress your guests. Creamy avocado & cherry tomatoes with a beautiful balsamic dressing. Always impresses.

When I do a BBQ at home on a hot summer day, I always serve this salad.

It always has people talking about it and wanting another helping.

I first discovered this dish while working on Superyachts as a guests favourite.

So quick to make, 5 mintues and your salad is ready to go.

Get your big beautiful and creamy ripe avocados and cherry tomatoes, cut into cubes. In another bowl, mix 3 mustards together with balsamic vinegar, add the Maldon salt and pepper, then the olive oil, stir and finished. simples.

Decorate around with some baby gem lettuce & basil leaves.

Now that’s does, time to get on with the BBQ.