Being from Sheffield, Bakewell is only 25 minutes away and this famous tart is actually called a pudding by locals of Bakewell.

I often visit Bakewell with family and it’s a must to pick up a tart (pudding) when you’re there.

So this is the tart version with shortcrust sweet pastry, jam and frangipane filling, topped with flaked almonds. So yummy.

This is a real treat for an afternoon tea and it’s actually not that difficult to make. It just needs a little patience to rest your pastry which you can make the day before to save time on the day.

Once you have the pastry rolled on the tart case, rest in the fridge for 30 minutes and meanwhile make the frangipane.

Then line the tart pastry with greaseproof and place the beans in the tart, bake for 15 minutes @180°c, take the beans out and bake for a futher 5 minutes to brown the bottom slighly.

Once the pastry is cooked and cooled, spread with jam and raspberry on the bottom of the tart, fill with frangipane and flaked almonds on top.

Bake for 35 minutes at 170°c until nice and golden brown. Allow cooling.

Glazed with apricot glaze and zigzag icing all over.

Portion into 12 slices and serve with fresh double cream for extra indulgence.