Creamy chicken, mushroom & sweet potato tagliatelle in a white bowl

Creamy & garlicky chicken pasta is my wife’s favourite dish. Cream and cheese is always a winner at the Bear’s household. Always good if I need to earn some brownie points.

Super quick to make and so yummy. You can make the creamy chicken, mushroom & sweet potato by the time you cook your tagliatelle.

If you would like a vegetarian option, just simply omit the chicken.

I like to add fresh grated parmesan near the end to add a cheesy creamy texture, so velvety and smooth pasta noodles.

Toss fresh chopped rocket in at the end also to add a peppery fresh taste to the pasta.

Below is my first recipe card which includes step by step videos so hopefully that makes it easier for you to follow and make for your family.

I love feedback so please let me know if you like the dish and tried it.