Do you love Thai food? This is the classic green papaya salad with a modern twist. I discovered this dish on a Thai cooking course in Bangkok.

This for me it has all the flavours to really satisfy. Crispy, spicy, sweet, salted and sour, it’s a taste sensation.

The papaya dressing is what really makes this salad. It’s so yummy.

If you are really brave or maybe Thai, add 2 chillies to the dressing. For myself, 1 is hot enough.

I’ve had the classic version lots of times from the street food markets, which is equally as delicious, I just slightly prefer this crispy version more, obviously because of the crispy texture. so crunchy and fun to eat.

Food for me, is all about the flavour and this dish has it in abundance.

Here is a video of when I first arrived in Bangkok in 2018. I arrived at the hotel, dropped off my bags and had a quick shower and went straight over the road where a traditional lady was serving the classic Thai papaya salad, I had to try it.

PopUp Chef in action above, enjoying a Thai classic.

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