I used to make these back in the day when I was head chef at Lions Lair in Sheffield, a gastropub that was highly regarded. I made them into big tortilla wraps and used hoisin and plum sauces mixed together with crunchy cucumber and spring onion.

The rich duck meat goes so well with the hoisin and plum sauce.

Once you have the duck legs cooked and cooled, (you can do this the day before) strip the meat from the bone and heat and mix well with the hoisin and plum sauce.

My sister Jenna’s favourite dish that I cook, she turned 30 years old a few weeks ago and I made her 8 large duck wraps to cheer her up while in these crazy lockdown coronavirus days.

You can make larger wraps and fill with more meat. The choice is all yours.

As you can see the succulent duck meat is glistening with sauce, the crispy cucumber and spring onion give the wraps a delicious fresh crunch.