If you’ve not had Peshwari naan before, it’s a surprisingly delicious addition to a normal naan, it’s sweet, nutty and the coconut gives it a unique taste. Fantastic served with my Chicken Tikka Masala recipe.

I personally love coconut so once I tried this Peshwari naan, I doubt I’ll go back to a plain naan again unless it’s a garlic cheese naan or keema naan.

Like most food, making it fresh rather than buying it ready-made from the supermarket gives you superior results and so worth the extra effort.

First, you need to activate the yeast by slightly warming the milk just above room temperature, mixing with the yeast and sugar, leave to bubble up for 5 minutes and then you mix with all the other ingredients.

Knead your dough for 5 minutes then allow to prove in a lightly oiled bowl for at least an hour. Meanwhile, make your Peshwari filling and mould into circles and chill in the fridge.

Once the naan has risen, it’s time to shape and roll the peshwari naans.

Brush with a little melted ghee (Clarified butter) and pan-fry until golden brown on both sides. Bake for 3-5 minutes in the oven and serve with a beautiful Chicken Tikka Masala.

It’s actually quite fun to make Peshwari naan, and trust me, the taste is so much better than shop bought. Go on, give them a try, you will happy you did.

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