This Spicy lemon Asian beef salad is so tasty and refreshing. Very simple to make once you have the dressing premade and beef roasted.

I found the spicey lemon dressing from a classic Nobu salad. It’s simply served with mesclun salad leaves, sprinkled with thin crispy garlic chips and sesame seeds. It almost looked like a boring salad. Once I tasted it, I was amazed and my perception of salads if forever changed.

The dressing is so good, you can use with just plain salad leaves to really bring a salad to life. The spicy tart lemon flavour of the dressing really wakes your senses.

So I took the dressing and made it with thin strips of carrot, cucumber, peppers and bean sprouts. I added fresh sprigs of mint and coriander. I finished it with roast rare beef slices on top. Sprinkle with a little more dressing over the top and sesame seeds.

Perfect for a summers day as a main meal. Enjoy.