This is such a tasty alternative for breakfast. So fresh and packed with flavour. Each bite wakes up your senses ready for the day.

Why not try these spicy Mexican breakfast Tortillas on a chilled weekend.

Warm soft Tortillas with spicy Mexican bean paste with fresh fragrant tomato salsa, creamy avocado, scrambled eggs, green jalapeno chilli and coriander. Eat bite is delicious.

Make the salsa, avocado and Mexican spicy bean mix before you cook the scrambled eggs.

There’s a little prep to do before you scramble your eggs, yet I promise you, the tastes and flavour is so worth it.

These are so versatile, you can omit and add whatever takes your fancy. Love cheese? Grate some cheese over the warm creamy scrambled eggs. Love bacon? add some crispy bacon pieces over your scrambled eggs for a crunchy bite.

Say goodbye boring old breakfast and welcome to a tasty wake up call.