Beautiful soft steamed Chinese Bao buns are a real treat with my buttermilk fried chicken, pickled cucumber, spring onions and sweet chilli mayonnaise.

I’ve wanted to make these for a long while and while in lockdown, I’ve had time to practice some new dishes which has been great. I got this recipe from

Bao buns can seem daunting yet its a simple process and if you follow the recipe and have some time. These Bao buns are fun to make and great with all sorts of fillings like,

I made these with Buttermilk fried chicken as I thought the soft steamed Bao buns with crispy fried chicken would give great texture to the buns. I was right and with pickled cucumber, spring onions and sweet chilli mayonnaise, this was so yummy to eat.

To make the dough, you need to activate the yeast in water, milk, oil and half the sugar. Then you add to the flour, baking powder and salt and knead into a dough for at least 5-7 minutes.

Then you rest your dough for 2 hours to triple in size. Roll out with a rolling pin, cut out in 3 and half-inch circles, brush with oil, fold into moon shapes and press in the centre. Again let rest in your steaming basket for 20-30 minutes before steaming for 8 minutes.

I found this recipe to be great and would definitely say to give it a go with the buttermilk fried chicken. My mouth is watering thinking about it. Maybe time to get back in the kitchen and cook some more.