Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire is the cry to the oven as these beauties keep on rising like Yorkshire castles in the sky. If you love a good old fashioned Sunday roast dinner, then you need the world’s best Yorkshire puddings recipe from PopUpChef.

Being a Yorkshire man, I know my Yorkshires and the secret to a good Yorkshire pudding is keeping the oven hot and not opening it up during the cooking.

When I was growing up as a kid, all the family would go around to me nanan’s and sit on the emergency chairs, stools and fishing tackle boxes to eat our Yorkshire puddings as a starter. Me nanan would serve Bisto gravy and mint sauce with them. Utterly delicious for a starter.

Me grandad would wait for everyone to have their mint sauce because he’d get it and put a little more vinegar and sugar inside.

At me nanans, I loved her good old Sunday roast dinners and we’d have Yorkshires with not only roast beef, sometimes even with a roast chicken. It didn’t matter, we’re Yorkshire and proud, so if I came around for a Sunday roast, please don’t forget the Yorkshires.

On a special occasion me nanan would make onion Yorkshire puds, for some reason though, they wouldn’t rise as they usually would. She’d always blame the oven. 🙂

Me nanan and grandad on their 40th wedding anniversary.

You want the consistency of the Yorkshire pudding batter to coat the back of a spoon, not too thick and not to thin that it slips clean off the spoon. If need be, add more water to thin the batter. When cooking, get the oil in the tray hot and slightly cool before putting in your batter, then place straight into the oven, use beef dripping instead of oil for extra flavour.

This recipes makes enough for 1 large family sharing Yorkshire pudding for 8 people or 12 individual puddings.

I’ve been told that us Yorkshire folk would have this as a starter to fill us up as meat was expensive and just a little to share around a big family. And always remember, the men get the crunchy corners and the women get the soft centres. Just how it was back in the ’80s.

Ey Up, Ow do.

Yorkshire puddings are best served with Roast Beef and accompanied with horseradish sauce or if you’re at me nanans, some mint sauce and gravy.

I like lots of vegetables with my Sunday dinner like glazed carrots, cauliflower cheese, honey roast parsnips, sauteed savoy cabbage, garden peas, thyme roast potatoes and creamy mash potatoes. Don’t forget a good serving of beef gravy. Absolutely delicious.

I’m hungry now after writing this, where’s me Yorkshires. 🙂