Sashimi is an art form and only the best quality and freshest fish should be used. This dish is light, refreshing and tasty. The Kimchee dressing gives the yellowtail/hamachi, a nice sour, spicy and citrus kick.

Above is a fillet of yellowtail/Hamachi. Not to be confused with yellowfin tuna. Yellowtail is actually not a tuna and myself included, without proper knowledge, can confuse the two.

According to Wiki – The Japanese amberjack or yellowtail, is a species of jackfish in the family Carangidae. It is native to the northwest Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Hawaii. Prised in Japan.

Here is a great 7 minute video showing you how to fillet and slice the hamachi/yellowtail.

The kimchee dressing is super simple to make, mix the ingredients and you’re ready to go.

For people new to Yuzu, Ponzu and Kimchee base.

Yuzu is citrus grown in japan, china and Korea, it’s like a mix of a lemon and lime with a sour citrus flavour.

Ponzu is a sauce, generally made with soy sauce, mirin, rice vinegar, kombu, bonito flakes and lemon juice. Pon’ in Japanese means ‘punch’ and ‘su’ is vinegar so the name literally translates as ‘vinegar punch.’ The ponzu below is Kombu-Ponzu.

Kimchee base is a sauce that is made from the classic Korean Kimchi which is salted and fermented vegetables. It also has gochugaru in the recipe which is a Korean chilli pepper, so has a sour and spicy flavour.

I served the hamachi sashimi below with a simple daikon and cucumber salad. Keeping it nice and clean tasting. You can simply serve it with light soya sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi if you like.